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What specific conditions could someone on Probation expect to adhere to?
There are both general and specific conditions of probation that are ordered when the sentencing Judge places someone under probation supervision. General conditions are those conditions that the Judge requires of all persons on probation and they include: not committing a new offense, reporting to their probation officer as directed, waiving rights against search and seizure, not using illicit drugs, submitting to breath, urine and blood testing, not possessing firearms, becoming or remaining gainfully employed, not associating with felons, and gaining permission to travel outside Indiana. Specific conditions are those conditions that the sentencing Judge orders of individuals based on the individuals specific offense or their specific rehabilitative needs and may include, but not be limited to: refraining from alcohol use, participate in therapeutic programs, not having contact with victims, performing community service, at-home electronic monitoring, making restitution to a victim, paying probation user fees, and fines and Court costs or any other condition that the Judge sees as an appropriate condition.

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